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LIFT was founded as a not-for-profit logistics provider for fellow 501c3 foundations and other Non-Government Organizations responding to disasters. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the impossible in trying times. LIFT is an organization that affords responders access to: general aviation aircraft, heavy jets, helicopters, small & large vessels and ground transportation to bring people and cargo to disaster sites. We strive to deliver these assets to NGO’s for free or at a reduced cost whenever possible.

Mission Statement:

To effectively assist in the transportation of first-responders, relief workers and their cargoes to disaster sites.


100% of all tax deductible donations received by LIFT are used to support the transportation of humanitarian aid to natural disaster sites around the globe.


LIFT prides itself on providing free or below market ground transportation of relief cargo to disaster sites. We work closely with partners including major trucking companies and local truckers in order to provide free or below market ground transportation of relief goods to disaster sites.

For ground transportation inquieries please contact: Land@gotlift.org


LIFT prides itself on providing free or below market ocean transportation of relief cargo to disaster sites. We work closely with partners, major steamship lines as well as ships owners to provide free or below market carriage of relief goods to disaster sites.

For ocean transportation inquiries please contact: Sea@gotlift.org


LIFT prides itself on providing free or below market air transportation of first responders, medical teams, humanitarian aid workers as well as their cargoes to disaster sites. We work closely with partners in the corporate and general aviation community in an effort to provide lift to qualified groups responding in times of crisis.

For air transportation inquiries please contact: Air@gotlift.org 

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03.15.2011 – LIFT has a “Needs Assessment”…

03.15.2011 – LIFT has a “Needs Assessment” team on the ground in Japan.

02.16.2011 – LIFT delivers 55000lbs…

02.16.2011 – LIFT delivers 55000lbs of donated disinfectant and soap to Project Medishare.

01.11.2011 – LIFT moves 3000lbs of medical…

01.11.2011 – LIFT Moves 3000lbs of medical equipment and supplies from Florida to Haiti for Project Medishare, J/P HRO, MMRC and Bethesda Evangelical Mission aboard a donated Twin-Otter. Many thanks to Mr. Mike Carpenter of Skydive New England for the use of his plane and piloting services.www.skydivenewengland.com

01.04.2011 – LIFT moved 3000lbs of…

LIFT, in cooperation with Aero-Bridge, moved 3000lbs. of life saving water purification equipment and oral re-hydration salts to Haiti aboard a donated Gulfstream IV from Atlanta. The outbound flight from Haiti was designated a Life-Guard flight and brought a critically ill patient to the U.S. for life-saving treatment that could not be administered in Haiti.

12.25.10 – LIFT delivers Christmas gifts…

12.25.10 – LIFT delivers Christmas gifts to Haiti. Lift was instrumental in moving 5000 stuffed animals from the U.S. to Haiti for distribution to thousands on orphans on Christmas. Please click on the link to view the full story and photos:

12.10.10 – LIFT ships 6000 cases…

LIFT ships 6000 cases of Lactated Ringers to Haiti for J/P HRO in response to the Cholera outbreak.

12.10.10 – LIFT ships two temporary…

LIFT ships two temporary morgues to the Ministry of Health in Haiti.

11.03.2010 – LIFT responds to Hurricane Tomas…

LIFT moved 85,000# of disaster relief supplies for the Haitian Ministry of Health, Partners in Health and J/P HRO to Haiti via 767 charter in anticipation of the arrival of hurricane Tomas in Haiti.

10.26.2010 – LIFT responds to the Haiti cholera epidemic…

LIFT moved 60,000# of medical supplies for Partners in Health, Medishare, J/P HRO and HAS Haiti to Port au Prince aboard two Amerijet 727’s in response to the cholera outbreak.

10.9.2010 – LIFT assists in getting the…

LIFT assists in getting the Haitian amputee soccer team to the US with partner, Insel Air.